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Scroll down this page to try the new PrEP Provider search provided by the good folks at Emory University and the CDC. With any of these listed providers make sure you confirm that they prescribe PrEP for HIV prevention before make your appointment.

If there are no providers listed in your area, that doesn't mean that there aren't any--they just don't have everyone listed yet.

Any medical doctor (and some nurse practitioners) can prescribe PrEP for you, but whenever possible, it's best to try and find a doctor with some experience prescribing PrEP.

If your own doctor hasn't had experience with prescribing PrEP, but is willing to do so, you should download the brochure below written for doctors that explains how to do it correctly. You doctor can find everything they need to know about PrEP on the CDC's website. Don't be afraid to help educate your doctor about PrEP.

Download this PrEP Brochure and bring it to your health care provider.

There's also a free hotline doctors can call if they have questions about prescribing PrEP for their patients:

PrEPline at UCSF: 855-448-7737

You should write that helpline number down and give it to your doctor as well.

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association also maintains a list of LGBT physicians. You can look for one in your area by clicking HERE.

Finally, many Planned Parenthood clinics also will prescribe PrEP and provide limited sexual health services for men. You can find the closest Planned Parenthood health center here:

Planned Parenthood Health Centers

Once you have located a PrEP Provider, vist our Paying 4 PrEP page to learn about some of the resources available to help you cover the costs of PrEP. You need to have a plan in place to pay for PrEP before you get your prescription.

We'd like to give a shout out to the folks at GREATER THAN AIDS for compiling many of the PrEP provider resources found on this page.
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