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Think you know it all when it comes to how to use a condom? Well check out our video below and find out. You might just learn a thing or two! Contains nudity. 18+ only and NSFW!


1) Check the date on the condom to make sure it's not expired. Use a good quality condom--not a bullshit colored lollipop one you may have picked up at Pride!

2) Carefully open the condom package. Don't use your teeth or scissors or you might accidentally tear the condom.

3) Make sure you have the condom facing the right direction, so it will roll down correctly.

4) When you're hard and ready, put the condom on the head of your hard dick.

5) Pinch the reservoir tip at the end of the condom to get the air out. That's where the cum goes when you shoot, so you don't want a bubble up in there, or it could cause the condom to break.

6) Roll the condom down your entire shaft as far as it will go--you don't want it to slip off during sex.

7) If you're uncut, put a few drops of lube inside the condom before putting it on. You may find it easier to pull your foreskin back before you roll the condom on. After the condom is on, then push your foreskin back down over the head of your penis--then it will slide back and forth freely during sex. Some uncut guys like to use condoms with roomier "pouch" heads on them.

8) Use plenty of water based or silicone lube or the condom will break. Water based lubes are easily absorbed into the body, so you need to use a lot more. With silicone, nothing gets absorbed, so a little bit goes a long way.

9) If you're going at it for a long time, check and makes sure the condom is in place and hasn't broken.

10) After you cum, gently pull out while holding on to the base of the condom, so no cum spills out. For extra safety don't cum inside your partner or anywhere near his asshole, eyes or mouth.

11) Wrap the condom in a tissue and toss it in the trash.

condom size

For a lot of guys, the first time they use a condom, doesn't go so well, so they may get turned off from using them at all.

This is why it's important to practice with condoms on your own (or with a friend or two) until you find a size, fit and feel that works for you.

There are a number of different brands of condoms to try, so it's a good idea to purchase a sample pack and try out a bunch of different brands and types.

Make sure you're using the right size condom or the condom could break or slip off during sex.

The better the fit, the better the feel!

Length isn't usually the issue with condoms, it's how thick your dick is that ends up being the issue with condom fit for most guys who are above or below average.

The widest condoms on the market are the Durex XXL, TRUSTEX EXTRA LARGE and CAUTION BRAND GRANDE and the narrowest are LIFESTYLES SNUGGER FIT and CAUTION IRON GRIP.

If your dick is on the thin side , definitely try out the snugger fit condoms, they'll feel a lot better and more secure on you, which will make the sex better!

One thing you may not know about is the anal sex condom (sometimes called "female condom") which is worn by the bottom. These take a little practice to get used to, but some tops (particularly big guys who find condoms uncomfortable) swear by them. You can watch a video about them here ANAL CONDOM VIDEO. They're available in some drug stores and online at places like

You can get any type of condom delivered to your mailbox these days through websites like or, So if you don't like the free ones from the clinic and don't want to get them at the drugstrore, get yourself some online.

The amount of lubricant on a lubricated condom IS NOT enough to have safe anal sex.

You have to use enough of the correct type of lube or the condom will break. Failure to use enough of the right type of lube is one of the main reasons that condoms break.

Water based lube is a good choice because it is relatively inexpensive and doesn't stain the sheets.

The advantage to silicone is you don't need very much of it, because unlike water based lubes, silicone doesn't get absorbed by the body. The disadvantage is it's more expensive and it can stain sheets and clothes.

USE: Silicone or water based lube (KY Jelly is a water based lube) and that's it. If it doesn't say it's condom safe lube, don't use it.

DO NOT USE: Baby Oil, Massage Oil, Crisco, Vaseline, Hand lotion, Butter, or Saliva (this won't break a condom--unless you're an Alien--but it can spread disease like gonorrhea.)

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