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PrEP SQUAD is an all volunteer community organization dedicated to promoting sexual wellness among all men who love and have sex with men.

The primary goal of the PrEP SQUAD project is to educate men who love and have sex with men about the most effective ways to stop the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in our community.

  • When used as prescribed, the daily PrEP pill is highly effective at reducing the risk of becoming infected with HIV during anal sex with a partner who is HIV positive.

  • The use of the daily PrEP pill combined with proper condom use provides the highest level of protection against HIV infection.

  • The use of a properly fitting latex or polyurethane condom along with plenty of silicone or water based lube is the only way to reduce the risk of becoming infected with common sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia during sexual activity.
  • Vaccines for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and HPV are available to prevent against these common sexually transmitted infections and are recommended for all men who have sex with men (the HPV vaccine is for men 26 and under).
  • A mutually monogamous sexual relationship, where both partners have been tested for all STDs and neither partner is having any type of sexual relations (oral or anal) outside the relationship, is the safest situation to be in with respect to becoming infected with a new STD. However, both partners need to be honest about their commitment to monogamy, and completely honest if that commitment should ever change.
  • Sexual abstinence is the only way to be 100% sure you won't ever get an STD, but that is an unrealistic lifestyle choice for most people. Having a healthy sexual relationship with a partner (or yourself!) is important for many peoples' emotional and physical wellness.
  • An HIV positive man taking anti-retroviral therapy with an undetectable viral load has virtually no chance of passing HIV to an HIV negative partner who is taking PrEP.

Other goals of the PrEP SQUAD project include encouraging our community's universal adoption of safer sex strategies, including use of daily PrEP pills and TASP (Treatment as Prevention), as well as connecting men who have sex with men to health care providers that are familiar with their unique sexual health needs.

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