Paying 4 PrEP


Before you can start taking the daily PrEP pill for HIV prevention, you're going to want to make sure you can cover all the costs of the pills, lab tests and check ups

Most insurance plans and many Medicaid plans do cover PrEP, but there still may be some out of pocket co-pays you could be responsible for. That means you're going to need to do a little research before you get started so you can find out for sure what is and isn't covered in your plan. Nobody wants surprise medical bills, so do your homework.

Some insurance companies will cover PrEP, no questions asked, but others may require a little more work on your part to get them to pay up.

In some cases your doctor may also have to submit paperwork to your insurance company for "prior authorization" (PA) before prescribing you PrEP. There are specific diagnosis codes doctors may have to give insurance companies to get PrEP approved for you.

The good news is that even if you have co-pays, there's some free financial aid out there to help you out with those payments.

Gilead Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes the PrEP pill (Truvada), offers co-pay financial assistance to those who qualify. You can call Gilead's Advancing Access Hotline at 1-800-226-2056 for more information about getting co-pay assistance. If your insurance doesn't accept the Gilead co-pay card, you can still get reimbursed for your expenses through a mail in rebate program.

There are also several other non-profit health organizations that offer money to help out with costs for PrEP that insurance doesn’t cover.

For those without prescription insurance coverage, there is a new government program that will help you get PrEP at not cost to you. Visit to sign up for this program.

With any of the available PrEP assistance programs, make sure you apply for them BEFORE you try and get your prescription filled.

The tool below is a good place to start to learn about available financial assistance to pay for PrEP.

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Before checking out these links, use the Paying 4 PrEP tool above to find out which of the below programs you may be eligible for.

Gilead’s Co-Pay Assistance Program

Patient Access Network Foundation

Patient Advocate Foundation

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

If your insurance doesn't accept the Gilead co-pay card, you should still be able to get reimbursed for some or all of your copay expenses through a mail in rebate program. You have to have your Gilead co-pay card activated before you fill the prescription. You can find the mail-in rebate form here

We'd like to give a shout out to the folks at PROJECT INFORM for compiling the resources found in our Paying 4 PrEP tool.
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